Private Claims 599 and 623

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Private Claims 599 and 623

James Abbot, Sr. is most well known for being the original owner of private claims 599 and 623 on the southwest coast of Lake St. Clair. These two holdings were located between present-day Nine Mile Rd. and 12 Mile Rd. More specifically, the private claims spanned from about Nine Mile Rd. to Frahzo, with 599 taking up the southern portion and 623 the northern.

When James Abbot, Sr. died, his wife and children gained full rights to his property on 1 June 1811. His family, then, allotted portions of the land to joint tenants, in which the land was maintained by a community effort. Private Claims 599 and 623 remained in the Abbot family for over three decades, until both were sold to individual owners in 1844.

Although both Private Claims stayed in the Abbot name for quite some time, specific fractions of the lots were sold off independently by each of the Abbot children. After James Abbot, Sr.’s wife, Mary, died in 1821, their six children held complete ownership of the lots. Shortly after this transfer of possession, five of the children sold their property rights to James Abbot, Jr. Subsequently, James Abbot, Jr. sold Private Claims 599 and 623 to willing buyers outside of the family.